Whatever bad mojo has been in Phillies training camp the past few years has succeeded in mucking up players' health.  But this season, it seems that even the negative vibes themselves are suffering from a sense of complacency.

First, Darin Ruf is hit by a pitch in Sunday's game against the Astros (by former Phillies prospect Jarred Cosart, no less).

The story had all the makings of a disappointing preseason debacle. But Ruf was reported to be fine after icing his elbow.

Then, a tricycle tried to maim Charlie Manuel while his coaching staff pointed and laughed - but again, no serious harm was done.

Now, a freak accident has successfully wounded a Phillies prospect - who does not play for the team anymore.

Michael Taylor, the slugging hopeful who was swapped out of the organization as part of the exchange for Roy Halladay, now sports a hideous gash on his right pinkie.

Tall people are vulnerable to a whole new world of threats from their heightened vantage point, and at 6' 5", Taylor runs the risk of walking into a ceiling fan or leaving a baby on top of a refrigerator, or in this case, slashing his hand open on a lighting fixture on the dugout ceiling while throwing out a piece of gum.

It seems exactly the sort of bizarre incident that would have delayed or even ended the season of a Phillies player in the midst of the past few years' freak injuries. But this year, it's the Oakland A's problem.

We wish a speedy recovery to Taylor, and hope that this story will be the motivation MLB needs to finally prioritize their "razor sharp, low-hanging light fixtures" issue above PEDs and robot umpires.