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Giants loss costs car dealership $420,000

The Giants are bad! Eli Manning is bad! Hey, how can we, a local Seattle-area car dealership, take advantage of this, since the Seahawks are playing them this Sunday?

Ha. Ha ha ha. I know. Let's give people the chance to win $35,000 if the Seahawks shut them out. The Giants haven't been shut out in their own stadium for going on 20 years! It's the perfect way to antagonize without having to actually pay up.

I mean, the Giants are bad, and I hope they don't win, but we just need them to get a field goal and we're in the clear.

Eli can do that, right? Get them within field goal range? Once? In four quarters? At home?

Ha, ha.

Right, though?

Five interceptions, Eli? FIVE? Now we have to pay 12 people $35,000?!

"This is crazy," Jim Johnson, one of the owners of the dealership, said, via Darren Rovell of "We never expected that we'd actually be giving away the money."