Well done.
In the spring we asked you to #prayfordominic. The Eagles and Sixers and Flyers and Phillies did it. Fletcher Cox and Robert Covington and the Union did it.
Clearly, you did, too.
Doctors found a malignant tumor in the 7-year-old brain of Dominic Liples in March.
He was 8 when he died early Wednesday, in the hospital, in his sleep, with his parents right beside him. He lived for nine months completely awash in hope and love and prayer.
Clearly, it helped.
Doylestown adopted Dominic and his family. Unsolicited, #prayfordominic fliers plastered storefronts and book drops and light poles. Dozens of local businesses donated profits to the cause. His mother, Kira, created a Facebook page that attracted more than 20,000 friends and a website, www.prayfordominic.com.
By the end, all over Bucks County there were fund-raisers and well-wishers and tucked-in children who would #prayfordominic every single night. All of those thousands and millions of prayers.
Well done.
Who knows what angels stirred to soothe his soul? Perhaps the prayers eased a bit of pain, or brought some peace, or gave a glimpse of joy. 
All the Liples ever asked for, really, were prayers. Prayers, and socks.
They asked for lots of long, cool, funky socks, because Dominic had to wear them under his leg braces, and because Dominic’s a kid who played baseball and basketball, and Dominic loved funky socks. The website became a necessity when people wanted to give more but the Liples only ever asked for socks. They got a lot more than socks.
The local pro teams supplied tickets and tours and smiles and hugs. Well done. The teams provided a bit of diversion to four good people going through a very bad time. The teams gave a little attention to a precious little family dogged by tragedy and trial.
Dominic was 10 months old when Kira’s mother died in 2009 after an 18-year battle with RSD, which is also known as complex regional pain syndrome, which is exactly as awful as it sounds.
Two years later, Kira and her husband, Ken, had a second son, Ciarlo. He was born with spina bifida. Please, #prayforciarlo, too.
When you think about it there’s no need to stop praying for Dominic, or for Ciarlo, or for Kira, or Ken. They need your prayers now more than ever.
It’s Christmas.
So, if you can, pray for them, and for the family friends who babysat; and for the kids he went to school with; and for the church his family attends. The school and the church offered grief counseling Wednesday. That’s a start.
It can’t hurt to continue to #prayfordominic.
Who knows?
Someday, you might want someone to pray for you, too.