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Here's what the Cowboys had in store for the Eagles in the fourth quarter

You're gonna see this and you're gonna think, "Hey! Jason Garrett is holding his playbook upside down!" Don't worry, he's not. But he is allowing everybody to see the Cowboys' fourth quarter notes-to-self that were supposed to prevent exactly what happened.

Cork Gaines points out that Garrett revealed his playbook to anyone who zoomed in and flipped the image around, which, in 2013, at least one person definitely did.

The Cowboys had plans in place to deal with what trends indicated the Eagles regularly did in the final two minutes, as Gaines writes:

"Who knows if anybody from the Eagles would have been monitoring the coverage and been able to relay the information to the coaches in time. But it is worth noting that the game-ending interception came against man-to-man coverage while the notes say zone is the most common coverage type in the final two minutes."

Chip Kelly, always keeping things tricky.

Jason Garrett's play card doesn't look like Chip Kelly's