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Holmes throws one home

This isn't the first time Holmes has performed the honor for the Phillies' minor league affiliate, and his appearance at Heroes Night at Coca-Cola Park will be marked by the giving away of complimentary Tyler Cloyd bobbleheads.


Sunday night meant another new Game of Thrones episode to sit in your DVR and force you to scream "NO SPOILERS!!" at people who just want to talk about [CONTENT DELETED DUE TO SPOILERS] off his [MORE SPOILERS].

But now, instead of all the screaming, Brewery Ommegang can fill your mouth with a Game of Thrones-themed beer - which is great news for the country's sixth best beer city.

No, it is not concoted with a thorough mixture of betrayal and the blood of rival houses. It's actually a far lighter brew called the Iron Throne Blonde Ale; excellent when paired with a Sunday viewing party or the vicious execution of sweet vengeance.


Jeff Bridges has been in a lot of your favorite movies - Tron, The Big Lebowski, Iron Man, True Grit. He's also been in a lot of his own favorite movies, and kept a record of his work by snapping pictures on the set of every film.

At the behest of co-worker Karen Allen, Bridges put all of his photos together, and the resulting compilation got him nominated for an Infinity Award.

Which maybe you haven't heard of, but can still appreciate the shots from behind the curtain of classic movies.

Here's a best-of montage of featuring Bridges' most classic yelps.


Dom Brown hit his sixth home run of the season last night in San Francisco, and it was the homest runniest one yet.

On an 0-1 pitching in the fifth, he dropped Madison Bumgarner's best work well over the right field wall and into McCovey Cove, where an enthusiastic kayaker scooped it up during a traffic jam with a guy catching a fish.