Phillies minor league affiliate, the Lakewood BlueClaws, recently instituted a promotion called Restore the Shore, meant to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy rebuild and recover from the storm's rampant damage.

The program included auctioning game worn jerseys to raise money, starting a grant application process for victims, and honoring those who donated at each of their 70 home games this season. So impressive were the BlueClaws' efforts that they were nominated by Minor League Baseball for Promotion of the Month.

They were defeated by fellow Phillies affiliate, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, who invented a video game you can play with a toilet.

Yes, the influencing bodies in the MiLB offices determined that North America's inaugural urine-controlled video game was more impressive than the BlueClaws' season long efforts to recover from a natural disasterm apparently.

The IronPigs' victory makes them a nominee for the year-end Golden Bobblehead award, given to the season's best promotional item in all of the minor leagues.

For those of you wondering how this all works:

And to donate to Restore the Shore, click here.