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Jake Diekman should probably come into games in this Batman golf cart

It's the 7th inning. The Phillies are barely hanging onto a two run lead. Chooch cranked one to the warning track last inning, but the center fielder tracked it down. There's not a lot of padding for the bullpen, and the crowd is on edge.

After six tight innings, Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez is leaving the game. He gets a polite round of applause from a grateful, if nervous, audience.

The gate swings open. Dan Baker's throaty announcement echoes through the park - "Now pitching for the Phillies, number 63, Jake Diekman." Only instead of a casual trot, the side-arming lefty specialist comes barreling out of the bullpen in this.

@JakeDiekman "@GolfweekMag: Batman golf cart sells on for $17,500! Teeing Off blog"

"I am the night," he explains, in a post game interview with a confused Gregg Murphy. "I am the Bat."