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Justin Tucker says the 70-yard field goal is not just a myth

Scientists have yet to discover images on cave walls of ancient man nailing field goals at 70 yards a clip. Back then, we assume footballs were mammoth heads, and did not fly through the air as easily, as it was also dense with early earth's humidity.

But that hasn't changed the mythic status of 70-yard field goals, which require a level of focus, intensity, strength, and luck that so often eludes NFL kickers. This season, one man seems capable of the feat, mostly because he's been able to do pretty much everything else thus far... without using his hands.

From USA Today Sports:

"If I pulled out the 8-degree driver -- on a day when I'm feeling real fresh -- I could probably hit one from 70 yards. I hit one from 70 yards in pregame in Detroit this past Monday night.''

Yes, Justin Tucker believe he could hit that 70-yarder, and why not?

Matt Prater, who hasn't carried the Broncos to a win with a six field goal performance in one game like Tucker has, has hit the longest kick of the year at 64 yards (Tucker's longest was last week's game winner at 61 yards). But he could have nailed that one, too.

"In practice I've hit from 79 yards,'' Tucker said. "That was in Denver before our opener in September. The weather was perfect; the field was good. With the altitude in the Rocky Mountains, the ball jumps off your foot."

Is this the beginning of an era of brash, young kickers? Will the Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocincos of tomorrow be smallish dudes with outrageously muscular legs?

We can only hope.