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Kevin Durant salutes Allen Iverson, says he is pound for pound 'the best'

Even in retirement, Allen Iverson's influence lives on.

Iverson, an 11-time all-star, was one of basketball's most influential players, both on and off the court, as his style and attitude made him an endearing enigma.

Many of the game's greatest, past and present, have acknowledged Iverson's import and impact both on them individually, and on the game as a whole. Oklahoma City superstar Kevin Durant is the latest to join the list in paying homage to the man known simply as 'The Answer.'

"Chuck too real," Durant wrote in an Instagram post below a photo of himself and Iverson. (Chuck refers to Iverson's nickname of 'Bubba Chuck').

"He changed the way we ball. He changed the culture of ball. He is pound for pound the best. He paved the way. I can go on and on. But he's a legend and I'm just walking the path he created."

High praise from a man many consider to be the second best basketball player on the planet, but such is the level of respect for A.I., whose style has been incorporated into the games of many of today's top talents, including Durant.

A plethora of other players have expressed similar sentiments about Iverson's influence over the years, and he continues to be remembered for what he brought to the court. The mark he made on the game and its surrounding culture stands strong even in retirement.