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Kyle Kendrick: the next Greg Maddux

Now, instead of poorly conceived trade offers and/or death threats, Kendrick is lauded for keeping the Phillies from sinking even further. Notching his fourth win last night, Kendrick gained the approval of even his enemies (Who are not us, currently).


The Phillies are taking care of business in San Francisco at the moment, ruining the Giants' week with a pair of 6-2 victories. And on top of that, the Giants recently found that they're going to have to pay their employeesWhat a week!


ESPN is planning a "30 for 30" documentary on one of the more victimized fan bases in sports. Year after year, their teams let them down, leading to increased sympathy and vitriol hurled in their direction. Nobody likes to go to their city, and players have fought to leave it.

No, it's not Philly's big break.

It's Cleveland's.

And rightfully so; the Cleveland sports fan is a far more gutted, desperate organism, having lived through Lebron's abandonment, but almost certainly not the last Indians nonfictional championship.

Hey, it could be worse. There could be sea monster carcasses washing up on our beaches. And then leaving after a few years to wash up in Miami.


It may be a hideous, soaking wet Wednesday, but now we live in a world with both a trailer for Ender's Game,

and a Spock vs. Spock car commercial.

So, there's that.