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New book: Lenny Dykstra is a racist, sexist and pervert

Former Phillie Lenny Dykstra is a sexist, racist, sexual deviant and one of the biggest all-around lowlifes you'll ever come across. So says a new book by financial journalist and ex-Dykstra employee Christopher Frankie, excerpted over the weekend by the New York Post.

The explosive book -- Nailed!: The Improbable Rise and Spectacular Fall of Lenny Dykstra -- details the unstable Dykstra's roller-coaster post-baseball career that saw him shockingly amass -- and then squander -- a veritable fortune in the financial world.

Among the more shocking allegations Frankie levies in the book:

  1. Dykstra liked to "leave a large amount of feces in the toilet . . . so he could hear the shrieks of the hotel's grossed-out maids."

  2. He once told a female executive, in a meeting, that he had "impregnated three women in the same night and made them all get abortions."

  3. He referred to Tiger Woods and Derek Jeter as "darkies," and the legendary Willie Mays, with whom he had a business relationship, as his "field n---er."

  4. By the end of 2009, The Wall Street Journal reported that Dykstra's mansion was "littered throughout with empty beer bottles, trash and dog feces and urine among other unmentionables." Dykstra was removed from the home and "barred from the exclusive gated community."

  5. He would place ads for a personal assistant on Craigslist using a false name, and "would then cajole the applicants into giving him massages while he was nude, or just brazenly ask for oral sex."

Dykstra played for the Phillies from 1989-1996. He was second in MVP voting in 1993 when he led the Phillies to the National League pennant. He was sentenced in March of 2012 to three years in prison for his role in a grand theft auto scheme.