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MLB Network analyst puts lame bounty on all catchers

Eric Byrnes is sick of this madness in today's game. That catchers are less exposed to horrible injury just doesn't sit well with him, and he's using his status as an MLB Network analyst to get his message out there.

First dude to BLOW UP a catcher BLOCKING home plate I will buy his jersey & wear it for a week straight. Catchers are way too comfortable...

It's not a perfected rule, but baseball doesn't have rules down yet that have existed for far longer (unless Braves fans want to go ahead and admit to the flawlessness of the infield fly rule).

The 38-year-old last played in 2010, the Golden Age of Catcher Injuries. Baseball was only a year away from Buster Posey's legs exploding, courtesy of the Marlins' Scott Cousins.

Of course, any player who has thinking about blatantly breaking the new home palte collision rules probably won't be pushed over the edge by Byrnes' offer, because it's not for money (the usual thing that is offered for a bounty) and what is for (Byrnes wearing the player in question's jersey) is not really cool.

Probably, this isn't even a real offer and is just an opinion of Byrnes' coming across loudly, as they all usually do.