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Marcus Vick stopped for driving while stoned

This morning, Michael Vick was waking up and enjoying being a non-headline on the NFC East champion Eagles roster. Michael Vick's brother, on the other hand, was driving his 2013 Lexus LX570 in Georgia this morning when some police officers pulled him over for expired tags.

Afterward, they realized he had marijuana in the car and arrested him for DUI.

According to TMZ,

"Vick was hauled to a nearby station ... and sources tell us he was booked right around 4:20 AM."

Ha, ha, ha! Oh, TMZ! Your reference to baseline drug culture sure makes you seem hip and funny! Ha ha WOW, because, as you clearly are aware, 4:20 is also code for marijuana, but in this case, you're using it to describe what time it might have been...during a marijuana arrest! That is just the funniest damn thing.

Vick's been in trouble before, with gun charges, missed court dates, and suspended licenses all in his past. Well I guess Vick will be locked up until 11:11, when he got to make a wish and probably wished he could go home!

Ha ha! Right, TMZ? I know I'm not quite on your level with the "time" subgenre of humor, but I'll get there, don't worry!