Confrontations have seemingly become the norm among NFL players during training camp practices this summer, but here in Philadelphia we have radio hosts going at it.

During Eagles training camp on Wednesday, things got heated between 97.5 The Fanatic host Mike Missanelli and Sportsradio 94WIP's Josh Innes, eventually leading to the pair being separated by the team's security.

Earlier today Innes joined “The Mike and Ike Show,” hosted by Ike Reese and Michael Barkann on 94WIP, to describe the encounter, which he said was started by Missanelli.

Innes said Missanelli griped about Innes talking tough about The Fanatic's hosts on the radio, but not in person.

Angered by the way Innes has spoken in the past about Anthony Gargano, The Fanatic's morning show host, Missanelli claimed Innes was afraid to confront Gargano in person, Innes said.

Missanelli also alleged that Innes backed down from Gargano during a previous confrontation, which apparently occurred while both men were employees of 94WIP, Innes said.

Then, Innes recalled to Reese and Barkann, "I took off my sunglasses, looked him straight in the face and said, 'your show [expletive] sucks."

Missanelli then aggressively moved toward Innes, and Innes backed away, before Eagles security intervened and separated the two, Innes said.

"Yeah, he stepped back and wet himself just like he did months ago when Gargano confronted him," Missanelli said later. "Anybody can be a tough guy behind a microphone."

Innes told Reese and Barkann: "I'm not afraid of the guy, but why am I going to get in the fight ... he's a typical meathead bully who can't settle things with his words."

Former reporter Jimmy Kempski, who covers the Eagles for Philly Voice, snapped a photo of the two hosts talking on the sideline prior to the dispute.

Despite reports, neither Innes nor Missanelli were escorted off the field, and both hosted their radio shows from the Eagles practice facility.