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NFC East rivals square off in terrible Sunday Night game with zero consequences

- With two or three minutes left in the fourth quarter, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth agreed on one thing about this Giants-Redskins Sunday Night matchup - it turned into a good game.

Eli Manning couldn't help but express his thoughts via Manning Face.

- Vernon Davis was the victim of an unorthodox tackle involving a body part not normally used in a tackle. It was his penis.

- In the Vikings-Bears game - that did not end in a tie - there was a play that you might want to actually watch involving Bears receiver Alshon Jeffrey, catch of the year-ing for a touchdown.

- With football all done for the day, we could put our heads on pillows and drift sweetly into sleep...

By this time tomorrow night we'll know if John Mayberry will be making multiple millions from the Phillies. Sleep tight.

- The Bills and Falcons squared off in the Rogers Centre in Toronto, which meant that in attendance for the game was human internet traffic spike Toronto mayor Rob Ford, leading to all the natural hilarity CBS Sports deemed inoffensive enough to post.

LOLs: Rob Ford appears to be having a good time at a Bill's game via @makracker

- Mike Tomlin's sweet dance moves on Thursday night may actually cost the Steelers a draft pick.

- The Twins are making moves in MLB's offseason, inspiring Minneapolis' mayor to pen some poetry. No, we're still waiting on Michael Nutter's Marlon Byrd sonnet.

- Teddy bear night at the former Flyers affiliate Hershey Bears - an idea that could only end one way.

- Cam Newton broke out the Batman cleats for the Panthers' win over the Bucs, so that you know these Panthers are for real. Also they've won eight straight games.

- Knowshon Moreno had an emotional National Anthem before barreling through the Chiefs.