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'Is this good TV?' Mike Mayock didn't seem to like the NFL Network's coverage of the draft

The NFL Draft has officially gone to the zoo.

During the third day of the draft on Saturday, the Colts turned to two great apes from the Indianapolis Zoo to announce their picks on the NFL Network. Southern California tackle Zach Banner, South Florida running back Marlon Mack and Albany State defensive lineman Grover Stewart were all welcomed into the NFL by two orangutans, Azy and Rocky.

While most viewers seemed to think the scenes were charming and mostly harmless, NFL Network analyst and Philly native Mike Mayock was not pleased with the network's decision to repeatedly cut back to the zoo during the last day of the draft.

"If we're going back to the zoo, I'm walking off the desk," a half-joking Mayock said to host Rich Eisen. "I've about had it with the zoo. Enough. I mean, is this good TV?"

"I think we've got to be a bit more respectful to big Grove," Mayock said after the network once again cut to the zoo to announce Grover Stewart's selection at the end of the fourth round.

"Rather than talking about that chimp let's get back to some football here," an obviously annoyed Mayock pleaded. "It's a big day for him."


Prior to the pick, Eisen jokingly chided Mayock and asked, "You don't want to see Bruno Sammartino announce a pick?"

"It was never a dream of mine," Mayock replied.