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NMA World Edition Strikes at Heart of NHL Lockout

Taiwan's Next Media Animation gives the NHL lockout the manic, blood-soaked edge that hockey used to have.

Next Media Animation, a news outlet based in Taiwan, has carved out an internet niche for itself in recent years, producing animated videos to convey news stories that are all too real.

Their most recent undertaking was a video on the rejected players' proposal by NHL owners that will prolong the league's interminable lockout.  NMA gave the story a frantic, hyper-violent angle that somehow slipped past the major news outlets.

Highlights include Sidney Crosby blasting an NHL executive's head off with a hockey puck and Gary Bettman murdering an anthropomorphic NHL logo, once with a chain saw and then again with a flaming bow and arrow.

In two minutes, NMA produced more entertaining hockey news than the NHL has in the past 82 days.

And counting.