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Nick Foles follows in Nnamdi Asomugha's footsteps

- "Nick Foles is on the cover of Sports Illustrated," said the time traveler from 2013 as everybody laughed in his face. "Also, he is TIME's Person of the Year, but that, uh... that might have been fake, I now realize."

Wow, bold choice by Time for its person of the year. An accurate one, though.

- Foles, with this honor, will follow in another Eagles legend's footsteps.

The last time an Eagle was on the cover of SI:

- At least Mike Tomlin was a bit more subtle, unlike this Oklahoma State cheerleader awaiting discipline from the NCAA.

- As the backup quarterback industry thrives in the wake of injuries to NFL starters, one possible solution has yet to be discussed too openly.

- Bad news for fans of devastating, unnecessary injuries in baseball.

- Mike D'Antoni is right; there is plenty to be proud of, if you're the Lakers this season. Why, Kobe Bryant scored 20 points last night. In a loss, but still.

- Although it's tough to deny Kobe's skills are fading.

- Look out, here comes the Greg Dobbs trade rumors! Look... look out.

- And here's a nice shot from a high school in... I don't know, this is just the latest one from a gymnasium that isn't named after an airline.