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Orioles win ESPN's 'best uniform' bracket

When you arrange MLB's teams in terms of "baseball skill," the Phillies aren't very close to the top.

In a year when the Phillies are scratching and clawing to reach .500, aesthetics may be the best way to judge them. When you arrange MLB's teams in terms of "baseball skill," they aren't very close to the top.

But if you measure them in terms of "uniform prettiness"... well!

... they're still also far from the top.

The Phillies took a "Wayne Simmonds" route in ESPN's "Best Uniform" bracket, in that they advanced quickly through the primaries, only to be soundly defeated once people got interested.

As the three seed, the Phillies took down the 14th seed Diamondbacks with skill, only to be taken down by the Dodgers - the dull, blue-on-gray-Dodgers - in the next round.

Look at these Phillies uniforms: Pinstripes! Stars! Flashy red! Filthy white! Alternate Sunday home game options! A camouflage dealie for the Memorial Day/deer hunting crowd!

But, here we are. The Dodgers went on to be destroyed by the Cubs, but it was the Orioles who were eventually crowned champions.

And they wear black and orange, making this a minor victory of sorts.