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Philip Rivers defeats second Manning in a row

- No, but the Chargers' 27-20 win over the Broncos last night shocked the world and put Denver's top seed in jeopardy. You knew Peyton Manning was in trouble when he couldn't even score whenever he felt like it.

That was the Broncos LONGEST scoreless drought since Peyton Manning joined the team. Thirty-five minutes and forty-seven seconds.

- Philip Rivers led the Chargers to their second takedown of a Manning in as many weeks since a certain former Eagles backup QB.

Our Stat of the Night via @eliassports - Philip Rivers is 2nd QB to beat Manning brothers in consecutive weeks. Other: Vince Young, 2006

- Manning will be fine, as he can fall back on his career as the voice of Denver International Airport.

Arriving on Denver airport tram and over speaker: "Hi, this is Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos wishing you Happy Holidays."

- Evan Mathis came clean about his infatuation with Selena Gomez, whom he may or may not be engaging with in polygamy.

- In a week of ongoing soap operas, we had Kobe Bryant defend himself from NFL legend Jim Brown, Robinson Cano not feeling respected by the Yankees, and a Staples Center security guard stealing a Lakers NBA Championship ring. Next week, Donovan McNabb returns to the Eagles - only, it's not him, it's twin brother with the eye patch, Seamus McNabb.

- The Rangers made an interesting pick in yesterday's MLB Rule 5 Draft: Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Yes, apparently you can do that. And for what felt like the first time all week, somebody was given advice by someone who actually knew what they were talking about.

If I were @DangeRussWilson i would seriously consider baseball and weigh all options with the Texas Rangers. Truth

- Some opposing player called Calvin Johnson "pretty old," from the safety of a place not on the same football field as Calvin Johnson, and while playing a position that does not force him to face Calvin Johnson very much.