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Phillies fan shatters stereotype of 'violent idiot' with nonviolent idiocy

A Phils fan at last night's game in Miami caused quite a scene. And he did it with batteries.

We in Philly are constant victims of a vicious stereotype: that we're violent, unstable sadists who love the taste of our own barf.

Which is unfair in that it only describes, like half of us.

Like this guy, brought to our attention by Deadspin, who at Wednesday night's game in Miami, caused quite a scene. And he did it with batteries.

From Deadspin (link goes to NSFW language):

"This guy has his MacBook, iPad, and iPhone in the front row at the Marlins game. When security asked him to put it away he demanded that he had a Constitutional right to free speech that protected him. After arguing for a full inning with security, they relented. Then he gloated by waving his laptop around with the phone still attached, which could have been painful if anyone attended Marlins games."

Hey, all right! An altercation in another team's stadium that ended peacefully.

And he's right, too - I remember going to the old ballyard with my pa as a kid, hooking up my laptop, looking for an outlet, asking people to move so I could reach it, figuring out The Vet's wifi password, tweeting "RicLOL Brogna" and checking every five minutes for retweets.

Ah, yes. The majesty of a summer's even spent productively at the ballpark.

Thank you, sir. Thank you for reminding us what's important about the game we love/are often arrested for: fighting security until they're too disgusted to care.