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Phillies wonder what exactly you're looking forward to in 2014

Another day has passed with news not reaching much more fervent than "the Phillies are an ancillary team listed as a possible, but highly unlikely, landing spot for Masahiro Tanaka."

We can once again look back over their recent moves and see the same list that we have listed many times before; Marlon Byrd, Carlos Ruiz, Roberto Hernandez... Brad Lincoln is also here now, and Jeff Manship will likely spend 2014 bussing from Philly to Lehigh. The team is another year older, Cliff Lee will certainly follow Roy Halladay into retirement soon, and Ruben Amaro seems most interested in trading his least tradeable players.


What are you most looking forward to in the 2014 #Phillies season? #PhilliesPhriday

It's a hard question to look at and take very seriously at this point. Or, maybe they're asking because they don't have a reason yet themselves. Regardless, they got some answers they didn't retweet.

.@Phillies Watching Jonathan Singleton put up better numbers than Ryan Howard.
@Phillies The cold, unyielding emptiness of an expensive but mediocre team! Am I close on any of these thus far?
.@Phillies The hope that this will be the year I hit a patch of black ice and drive off a bridge and it'll all be over at last.

The Phillies' lack of moves and recent stumbling have made it difficult to look forward to the coming baseball season, but social media etiquette dictates that they need to ask that to remain relevant on Twitter. Here's hoping they are one day again relevant in the NL East, as well.