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Power rankings: Sixers' losing ways continue

When Allen Iverson made his return Monday night, many thought the 10-time All-Star could help put an end to the Sixers' losing ways, but that hasn’t been the case.

When Allen Iverson made his return Monday night, some thought the 10-time All-Star could help put an end to the Sixers' losing ways. That hasn't been the case.

The Sixers are struggling on both ends of the hardwood. They rank 23rd in the NBA in points per game and 28th in rebounding -- two big reasons why the Sixers are riding a 11-game losing streak heading into Friday night's contest against the Houston Rockets.

Eddie Jordan's squad hasn't fared well in the national power rankings these last few weeks, and that theme hasn't changed much this week.

Here's Pattison Ave.'s weekly round-up:

*ESPN is singing the same tune for the Sixers this week in their power rankings, and the injuries to Andre Iguodala and Jrue Holiday just add salt to the wound. They dropped the Sixers from 28th to 29th from a week ago.

The Sixers have lost nine in a row, 13 of 15 overall and feared losing both Andre Iguodala (ankle) and prized rookie Jrue Holiday (shoulder) to injuries. So we ask again: What momentum is Iverson going to foul up?

Actually, make that 11 straight losses for the Sixers – thanks to losses against Denver and Detroit earlier this week.

* writer John Schuhmann, who updated his rankings before Iverson took the court against the Nuggets, doesn't even think much of the few games the Sixers have managed to win. Schuhmann dropped them from 27th last week to 29th this week, one spot ahead of the woeful Nets.

Not only have the Sixers lost nine straight games playing terrible defense, but their only victories are over the Bucks, Knicks, Nets and Bobcats. Not a quality win in the bunch. Still, the season starts on Monday, when The Answer returns.

* writer John Galinsky believes it's only a matter of time before fans lose interest again. He dropped them from 27th a week ago to 28th.

How soon before Iverson's return loses its luster and fans stop showing up in Philly again?

* acknowledges Philly's passion for Iverson, but doesn't believe the love fest will put an end to the 76ers' losing ways – dropping them from 26th to 28th.

Fans love Iverson, hate outcome in new-era debut. ... Average margin of defeat during 10-game streak: respectable 6.1 points.

This isn't what Ed Stefanski, the Sixers president and general manager, envisioned when he hired Jordan in early June. The Sixers are 5-17 overall, and have a tough stretch ahead with their next four games coming against Houston, Golden State, Cleveland and Boston.