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Randall Cunningham joins Twitter just in time for draft talk

Randall Cunningham joins ex-Eagles quarterback/social medialuminaries such as Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb on Twitter, where he exists as @PastorRandallC.

Wow do you see this Skins game. Unbelievable. Is Shannahan next to go? There has been a lot leak out of that organization. I told you so.
Really appreciate the support from the fans. High hopes for the future.

Presumably, his 37 followers will balloon as the day goes on, as he has been playing it cool, but also letting people know he was there; the Twitter form of whistling to himself, louder and louder. He's yet to secure that precious blue circle that proves he isn't an impostor, but it's widely assumed that this is the real deal (which, yes, is exactly the thinking that always gets hundreds of people duped. But this time it really does seem like it's him).

Anyway, Cunningham seems ready to talk about the draft or his ministry or any other one of a dozen productive and/or interesting topics that people on Twitter will ignore in favor or jokes or threats or stalking or spam. Hooray!