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Redskins offend the entire internet with Thanksgiving tweet

Someone tell the Redskins to get off Twitter until they understand the work "irony."

Someone should tell the Redskins to stay off Twitter until they have time to look up the meaning of the word "irony."

The team, which refuses to consider changing its derogatory and racist name, tweeted out their wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, apparently oblivious to the controversy it could cause:

You'd think a team with a name so offensive to Native Americans their trademarks were canceled by the U.S. Patent Office might simply avoid the subject of Thanksgiving entirely.

Not surprisingly, people weren't happy about the obliviously-offensive tweet:

These days, there is a growing number of news outlets and reporters that refuse to print the term "Redskins" when referring to Washington.

"In practical use, the R-Word is no different from calling an African-American the N-Word, a Jewish person the K-Word, a Hispanic the W-Word, an Irish-American the M-Word, or an Italian American a different W-word," Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Smallwood wrote in June 2013.

Owner Dan Snyder has refused to consider changing his team's offensive name, but then again, would you expect anything less from a billionaire who dresses like this?