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Scott Hartnell's children's book about falling down a lot is available now

Scott Hartnell falls down a lot. Children also fall down a lot. This natural intersection of qualities is the impetus behind Hartnell's new children's book, "Hartnell Down."

For $19. though not necessarily for Christmas, the book can be ordered here, Without looking, I'm going to guess it has something to do with getting up after you fall down.

"Get the first children's book from Kyla Hartnell, Scott Hartnell and the Hartnell Down Foundation! It's the must-have gift for the little or big kid on your list.

Count the number of times Scott Hartnell falls as he journeys from his backyard rink to the NHL. Find out why his teammates claim, "It ain't a practice 'til Hartnell falls." One thing is for certain... He always gets back up!"

As a child who fell down a lot, I can confirm that the knowledge of my favorite atheltes doing the same would go miles for my self-confidence.