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4th and 40 winds up not going so well for Bowling Green

- Shaq found some recent saxophoning so inspiring that he did this and everyone hated it.

- Hey, our Detroit Lions playoff tickets came in the mail today! Now we finally have a Christmas present for the dog.

- Everyone's favorite Facebook-dictating Twitter account proved that not even the holidays offer solace from some people's stupidity.

I can't believe the Phillies won't say Merry Christmas but they'll say happy Kwanzaa!

- The long-awaited announcement of the AP Male Athlete of the Year finally happened, and AP is proud to give its annual award to the guy who has won almost every award already.

The Packers will have Aaron Rodgers, possibly Randall Cobb, and probably Eddie Lacy healthy for Sunday against the Bears for a pivotal divisional playoff. Which is good. Or bad. Depending on which internet comment section you take your advice from.

- Piers Morgan pissed off tens of thousands of people again, but this time, he had to have cricket ball hurled at him several times as retribution.

- And this very small golfer is prepared to inherit the role of "adult-shamingly good at sports child" from the slam-dunking teenager or spin-moving nine-year-old who last held the mantel.