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Terrell Owens a part of semi-professional bowling league

Former Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens has not officially retired from football, but at 39 his career is all but over.

Owens hasn't migrated to the Florida Keys to enjoy his semi-retirement, however. He's still competing.

He's not running routes or scoring touchdowns or anything. T.O. is bowling.

Yup, T.O. has gone from Pro Bowl wide receiver to … wait for it … professional bowler (pun fully intended).

And according to, Owens made his semi-pro bowling debut at United States Bowling Congress Open Championships as a member of the Bowlers Journal International squad.

This is far departure from who Owens was not that long ago. By the numbers, Owens is one of the best receivers in NFL history. Was he one of the top teammates in NFL history? Let's not even get into that.

Owens was efficient in his debut, bowling 185, 129 and 161, according to the story.

This is not Owens' first foray into bowling competition. He is an owner of the Dallas Strikers in the new eight-team PBA League.

So if you want to see T.O. entertain the masses like he did in the NFL for years on Sundays, you're going to have to "Get your bowling shoes ready!"