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Terrell Owens calls Sam Bradford 'a coward' in TMZ interview

Just when you thought it was a quiet news day in Eagledom...

Just when you thought it was a quiet news day in Eagledom...

One of TMZ's people ran into Terrell Owens at a shopping center in Los Angeles, and that person must have been an Eagles fan, because Owens was asked for his thoughts on Sam Bradford's demand to be traded.

Now, I'll grant that Owens might still be the world's foremost expert on publicly bashing the Eagles' front office, even after all these years. But by now, Philadelphians surely take Owens' opinions with a grain of salt - if there's any salt left in the shaker in the first place.

Just in case anyone does care what T.O. thinks, you might like to know he said the Eagles' starting quarterback job is "Sam Bradford's job to lose."

Then came the question about the trade demand, and...

T.O. busted out the real talk.

"I think it was not a great move for Sam to want to request a trade being that they were getting a #1 pick."

"If it were me ... that's kind of a sign of a coward, to be honest."


What's next, asking your neighbor's cat for a hot take? If you see a TV crew parked at the nearest street corner, consider that a warning.