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The fans react as Ron Hextall becomes Flyers GM

As always, we turn to Twitter in the wake of big sports news to inform us of the general fan outlook. Apparently, there are some real jokers out there with thoughts on the Ron Hextall/Paul Holmgren Flyers news. Let's watch:

YE Hexy
Philadelphia front office news? Fire up the soundtrack from Deliverance.
hearing flyers will promote ron hextall to gm today also will announce ron hextall has given ray emery a lifetime contract
Congratulations to the Flyers on graduating from living in 1975 to living in 1985
I am quite devastated that the league will no longer have Paul Holmgren making GM decisions for our amusment.
wow can't believe the Flyers are hiring a former Flyer unreal
Is there another NHL team where you can see 10-20 jersey's of the GM during a game?
Guys, we're focusing on the wrong thing. The REAL question is what former Flyer will replace Hextall in a few years?
Hextall's first mission: become the first GM to score a goal in a game.
So, do you guys think Ron Hextall will be able to *save* the Flyers? I hope he *sticks* with it.
Hextall's first move? Buyout MacDonald and then get into a fight with Betteman when he tells him he can't do that.
.@justin_klugh Are sprots team is making a gr8 decision on this personnel move. I think it will be gud for the future of the sprots team.
Ron Hextall promoted to Flyers GM. Roman Cechmanek promoted to GM of his fantasy league team.
Also, why the hell did Snider let Holmgren hand out a $30 million contract if he was leaving the job only two weeks later?