One day after new radio ratings were released, SportsRadio 94.1 host Tony Bruno reflected on the success he and co-host Josh Innes have had in the head-to-head competition with 97.5 The Fanatic's Mike Missanelli since their show launched in February.

"I'm not surprised we beat Mike, I'm just surprised we did it so quickly, soundly and repeatedly," Bruno said, noting his success in the past four months proves management at The Fanatic made the wrong move forcing him out.

"Now they have zero shows beating WIP, instead of two," Bruno added.

According to numbers obtained by, the duo of Bruno and Innes have begun to pull away from Missanelli in ratings, topping (and, in some cases, distancing) the former ratings champ in key demographics since their launch.

It's important to note a couple of things going in. First, the ratings are from 2 to 6 p.m., and while Missanelli's show airs in its entirety during that time, Bruno and Innes start their show an hour earlier at 1 p.m. Also, WIP airs all Phillies games, which remain a strong draw for new listeners and sometimes preempt Bruno and Innes during the afternoon.

With those caveats, among men 25-54 and men older than 18, not only have Bruno and Innes beat Missanelli four months straight, they have become the top-ranked show in town for both demographics. The Fanatic came in fourth among men 25-54 and tied for fifth among men older than 18.

Of note is the fact WIP was also able to pass The Fanatic for the first time among men 18-34, going from 11th place in February to fifth in May (though Radio 104.5 still dominates that demographic in Philadelphia). The Fanatic, which was ranked fourth in February, has dropped to seventh.

Even counting all listeners aged 6 and older, Bruno and Innes beat Missanelli in the afternoons (WIP placed 11th overall in audience share, while The Fanatic ranked 15th).

That said, Missanelli has been the afternoon sports ratings champ for years, so while the past four months Bruno and Innes have posted are impressive, they'll need to prove they have staying power to secure their spot atop the ratings long term.

On Wednesday, in response to Missanelli's discussion about ratings on the air, a fuming Bruno took to Twitter to respond:

Bruno has a chip on his shoulder about Missanelli, who dubbed Bruno's new show with Innes a "clown show" when it launched (leading Bruno's co-host Josh Inness to dub him "Bitchanelli").

Misanelli didn't respond to Bruno's tweets, but told me, "Tony Bruno is what he is."

"I wish everybody in this business good luck," Missanelli said.