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Tony Romo makes CBS Sports debut, ESPN loses another NHL writer

It’s official: Tony Romo is a sports broadcaster.

"I think when you're a football player you end up being a guy who goes through a routine each week, and you're used to getting ready for one game and you put in all this preparation and time all week. And for me, I like the preparation aspect of that - playing the quarterback position.

"Well, this feels similar. I get to keep that same routine. You're watching tape; you're kind of doing the same stuff to kind of get yourself ready each week, and then you have your Sunday. Your big moment when everyone's out there.

"For me, that's exciting, and I like the preparation and getting ready and then you go out there and attack it. I think that's going to be fun."

ESPN loses another NHL writer

For hockey fans, the hits at ESPN keep on coming.

Beyond that, the bench is thin.

"The difference is hockey was just a small slice at ESPN, and now it's been cut to a ribbon," wrote the Toronto Star's Bruce Arthur. "Officially, ESPN doesn't care about hockey."