Tony Romo was all set to lead the Cowboys into a pivotal, winner-take-all game in Week 17 against the Eagles, having just forced a win against Washington. Week to week, Romo is either proving haters wrong or proving haters right, but in either case, no matter what someone's feelings on Romo are, they feel them very intensely.

Romo then suffered an injury and went on IR, leading Troy Aikman to speak up about what he thinks Romo's medical issues might actually be, given similarities to his own experiences with his back. Aikman has been living in a dark shadow world of misconception. You thought he retired due to concussions, didn't you? Wrong.

"There are a lot of people that believe the concussions led to my retirement, but nothing could be further from the truth," Aikman said. "I then, nor now, have ever experienced anything that had to deal with the concussions. I had surgery back when I was 26. I was young when I had my first back surgery following our first Super Bowl victory and didn't miss any time for it."

--Dallas News

Aikman went on to say that he received epidural shots for his back, woke up the day of a big game, and never felt better. Then he was slammed into the turf on his back, started spasming, and left the game.

Aikman couldn't help but notice that Tony Romo received those same epidural shots this week.

"I think it would be a concern of mine if I was with the Cowboys, having back surgery once again and at his age," Aikman said. "It could be a factor going forward as far as his performance."