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Video: Reggie Miller adresses Warriors after win, curses at them

Hall-of-famer, and current TNT NBA analyst Reggie Miller was known for having a quick tongue during his playing days, and it seems that the habit has followed him off of the hardwood.

Miller joined former Pacers teammate and current Golden State Warriors head coach Marc Jackson in the Warriors locker room following a dramatic, series-sealing victory over the Denver Nuggets on Thursday night to address the team.

Miller, who was broadcasting the game alongside Kevin Harlan, left his courtside seat shortly after the final buzzer sounded to wind his way to the Warriors' lockers to offer some, um, words of wisdom, as TNT cameras continued to roll.

"The way you guys play, and the passion that you guys play with, I can tell not only has [Jackson] had a huge impact on you guys, but the love that you guys show one another, and your assistant coaches, and your owners, and your head coach, it shows out there on the court."

This sentiment was stated soundly enough, as Miller was clearly moved by the guts of Golden State and his old Pacer pal, but his next statement might land him in some TNT-related trouble.

In response to the Warriors' poor play and tally of turnovers in the final three minutes of the game, Miller stated:

"Now the last three minutes, I don't know where all that sh*t came from," before being quickly corrected by Coach Jackson, and reminded that he was still on air.

"Stuff, stuff, stuff! Sorry, I forgot about this locker room," Reggie quickly restated.

Anchors have been fired for on-air slip-ups before - and the obvious bias Miller displayed in favor of Golden State isn't a good look either. But for whatever reason, TNT really likes him. So, maybe he will face a fine or small suspension. But despite his deficiencies as a broadcaster, his spot on TNT's sideline should be secure.