During Sunday's Soul game on ESPN2, the teams will use the new SchuttVision Helmet, equipped with

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to offer fans a first-person look at the action.

Philly.com's Pat Gallen checked out the new helmet for himself, a few days before it makes its AFL debut.

Here's some more technical info about the helmet from SVI and SchuttVision:

SVI's new, high-definition video technology is rugged enough to fit into the helmet's nose bumper to capture live-action play as the athlete sees it -- a new point of view. The SchuttVision helmet is unobtrusive, fully impact resistant and NOCSAE compliant.

  • 720 HD video

  • 30FPS

  • 2.5 hours of battery life

  • SD card storage

  • Streaming video available summer 2014

  • Video compatible with football editing software

  • Video is primarily used for coaching, recruiting, social media and television broadcast.

SVI and SchuttVision have a partnership with the AFL that implements the helmet technology during the 2014 season.

Sports Video Innovations (SVI) launched in January 2014 to revolutionize the way sporting events are viewed and experienced, starting with football and the SchuttVision helmet. For the first time, a rugged, high-definition video camera fits into the nose bumper of a football helmet to provide the unique player's point of view coaches, fans and broadcasters have been seeking. SchuttVision is approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

First football, and then the sporting world! Eventually SVI founder and CEO JR Liverman would like to expand its patent-pending video technology into other areas of sports to bring the company's innovative point of view camera to baseball, lacrosse and hockey.

Visit SVI at www.sportsvideoinnovations.com and see more from the SchuttVision helmet on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.