During their weekly conversation on Monday, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly had a simple request for WIP morning show host Angelo Cataldi - deliver him some pies.

Back in 2013, Cataldi would send pies to the Eagles each week after a win, but was called out by Kelly as a fair weather fan when he suddenly stopped following a single loss. Now, Kelly seems to think a pie delivery could jumpstart the Eagles and becoming a turning point in a disappointing season.

"Maybe you can send us a pie," Kelly told Cataldi on Monday on WIP. "You did that two years ago and it seemed to jump start us. Remember that Angelo? Remember those days?"

"I think it may be time for pie," Cataldi responded, and true to his word, the WIP host made a special delivery to the NovaCare Complex.

"I'm here for the first time in two years delivering pies," Cataldi said, holding three pies - pecan, blueberry and cherry. "Why? Because we're desperate."