As everyone in Philly knows by now, a woman identifying herself as "Mary Roe" filed a lawsuit yesterday alleging LeSean McCoy had his bodyguard, "Big John," assault her on a party bus after she refused to let him spray her down with water.

Character issues aside, these allegations seem shady at best. First of all, no criminal charges were brought up against McCoy - only civil charges seeking money. Second, the plaintiff is only seeking $50,000 - hardly an enormous sum of money to someone worth millions. He could probably just give her a pair of his giant earrings and call it a day.

McCoy's attorney claims the allegations are completely false, and calls it a sad attempt to extract money, so we'll see how this develops. Since multiple witnesses would have been on the bus at the time of the alleged assault, there should be more than enough evidence to prove if the charges are "completely, unequivocally false." I just wonder if LeSean will say his name as he tries to sidestep around the allegation, as he's rumored to do when he jukes players during practice.

For Eagles fans, I think the larger concern are these sporadic run-ins with potential flaws in McCoy's character and maturity. First, it was the Twitter flame war with a supposed "baby mama" that McCoy chalked up to a hacked Twitter account. Now he claims through his attorney that the charges involved in this party bus incident are trumped up.

That's all fine and good, but at some point, if these types of situations keep piling up, it stops being a great conspiracy by haters trying to make McCoy look shady, and point to some underlying character flaws fans and the team might be concerned about.

The only person that has be able to stop McCoy's dominating play in the past has been Andy Reid. Now that Reid and his pass-happy play calling are restaurant hopping in Kansas City, let's hope McCoy can get his personal life in order and stop all these needless distractions.