The latest episode of Not Another Philly Sports Talk Show looks back at a week when the Eagles and 76ers' seasons went even further off the rails.

Inquirer columnist Mike Sielski, Daily News columnist David Murphy and's Jonathan Tannenwald start out by discussing the reports of USC's interest in hiring Eagles coach Chip Kelly, then get into why Kelly's offense isn't working. Is it a lack of talent? Are there things Kelly is doing (or not doing) that amount to fundamental flaws in how he works as a coach and GM? And can all of those flaws be fixed in time to save Kelly's tenure in Philadelphia?

Then the conversation turns to 76ers rookie star Jahlil Okafor's off-the-court troubles. Should the 76ers do more to protect him, or should Okafor be more accountable for his own actions?

(Apologies for the audio being a little hot on this episode - there was a minor bug with the recording equipment.)

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