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With the Pacers, Evan Turner has to embrace a new role and alter his summer schedule

The Sixers aren't going to make the playoffs this season, but the Pacers are, and that puts a pinch on Evan Turner's vacation plans.

After Turner hadn't heard any news about his relocation when he thought deadline day's deals to be done, he assumed he was going to finish the season as a Sixer, and thus have a pretty open schedule come the end of April.

In fact, the fourth-year forward was reportedly planning his post-season escape when he found out that he had indeed been shipped to Indiana.

"I was actually setting up my postseason vacation with my agent's assistant and pretty much telling her the days I wanted to go," Turner told the Indianapolis Star.

"Then she said, well, no we can't book those days, you've just got traded."

That seems like a pretty interesting way to find out that you were going to be swapping cities.

Turner will almost immediately have to alter his mindset from top scorer on a struggling squad, to a role-player on a team with true championship aspirations. It will be interesting to see how Turner, who has become accustomed to having ample opportunity in an up-tempo offense, blends in with the balanced and Paul George-led Pacers.

There is no guarantee that Turner will still be a Pacer at the start of next season. In fact, after the Sixers struggled to find decent value from anyone interested in his services, his future is fuzzy. But, vacation alterations aside, Evan Turner has to be excited about the opportunity. While the Sixers will be far out of the spotlight starting their summer, Turner now has a chance to chase a championship, and potentially play a pivotal role in the playoffs for the Pacers.

Such an opportunity should be well-worth the delayed vacation for E.T.