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Yankees fans just want their stars to stop signing elsewhere for big money

- Yankees fans are sick of their star players being drawn away to big market teams for huge paydays! It's supposed to be about the game! And the fans! Do they have those in Seattle, you traitor?! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes.]

- Meanwhile, the only people who matched the fans' anger and resentment for Robinson Cano during his return to New York since signing with the Mariners were the Yankees themselves. Tremble as you witness the retribution of scorned millionaires playing a child's game!

- At the Wells Fargo Center, jubilance at Wayne Simmonds' hat trick quickly turned to, or always was, repressed anger based on what colored shirts people were wearing.

- Titans safety Bernard Pollard had some important words to describe his team's play prior to the first minicamp under new coach Ken Whisenhunt.

- Hopefully none of what Pollard describes makes it into the NFL's new comic books featuring players.

- The Wizards eliminated the Bulls from the playoffs, just like everyone thought would happen. It's almost like "expert picks" were worthless space-fillers.

- The saddest part of the Bulls' departure is the subtraction of Benny the Bull from recent news stories.

- Get your defensive tips from Kevin Frandsen, Professor of Defense: "Stick your glove out, and maybe things go in there."

- RZA Awoken from Critical Nap for Interview:

DEAR @RZA #PHILLY IS WAITING .. Did you bring your GUNS ?? #TEAMRZA @FOX29philly