The following are some of the recent cases investigated by the Pennsylvania SPCA. Headquartered at 350 E. Erie Avenue in Philadelphia, the PSPCA operates five branches throughout the state. For more information, call 215-426-6300 or visit To report animal cruelty call 1-866-601-SPCA.

Sick, emaciated dogs removed from yard

Mount Vernon Street, 3200 block, Nov. 19. an officer responded to a cruelty complaint regarding sick and emaciated-looking dogs without food or water in the rear of the property in West Philadelphia. Two pit bull mix dogs were found, looking extremely emaciated. One was chained and the other was loose with no food, water or shelter available. The officer tried to contact the owner and neighbors, but did not receive a response. On November 20, a warrant was executed to remove the dogs from the property.

Owner evicted, abandoned dog saved

Walnut Lane, 7200 block. Nov. 16. Officers responded to a complaint alleging abandonment of a shepherd dog in East Germantown. Food, water and shelter were not present at the scene. Officers found very unsanitary conditions in the rear yard, which was full of feces. Officers determined that the dog's owner had been evicted and that the dog had been abandoned. The dog was removed from the property and taken to the PSPCA for medical evaluation.

Injured dog surrendered, owner cited

N. 31 St., 1700 block. Nov. 13. Officers responded to a call received on the Pennsylvania SPCA's 24-hour cruelty hotline about a dog with eyes swollen shut and left outside with no shelter against the elements. On the scene, officers found a large black and white bulldog that appeared to have difficulty standing and walking due to injuries to its feet. The dog also appeared to be suffering from a severe skin condition. The officers' investigation revealed that the dog had not seen a veterinarian. The dog was surrendered to the Pennsylvania SPCA, where it was taken for medical evaluation. The dog's owner was cited for lack of veterinary care.

Two sick, wounded dogs seized, owner cited

N. 30 St., 2500 block. Nov. 19. An officer responded to a report of two dogs in poor health at this location. At the scene, the officer found one dog that appeared to be in extremely poor condition with open wounds and bleeding sores visible on its body. A second dog at the property was in fair condition. No food or water was provided for the dogs. A search warrant was obtained and executed and the animals were taken to the PSPCA for medical evaluation and treatment. The owners stated that the dogs had not received any veterinary care. The owner received three citations for failure to provide veterinary care and food and water for the dogs.

Illegal kennel busted, 22 dogs, 4 birds seized

Main St. 100 block. Dec, 2, 2009, Thompson, PA (Susquehanna County) PSPCA officers executed a search warrant at a house where they found 22 dogs, including German Shepherds, terrier mixes and a Pomeranian from an illegal kennel. Four large exotic birds also were rescued. Citations for maintaining the animals in unsanitary conditions without proper nutrition and lack of veterinary care were filed. Additional charges against the owner of the property are pending based on the results of the animals' medical evaluations.

Officers were alerted to the situation when they received a complaint that sick animals were being sold by a suspected illegal breeding operation. During the investigation, officers at the scene discovered that the animals were provided only partial access to a series of out-buildings on the property. Numerous dogs were emaciated, severely matted, and all of the animals were in need of veterinary care. They were transported to the PSPCA for medical evaluation and treatment. The owner of the property did not surrender the animals. They are in protective custody and are not available for adoption at this time.