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Stairs are the worst: 3 homes with spectacular elevators

Who among us hasn't been laden down with bags – luggage, gifts or shopping – and stared forlornly at the staircase before us. Best way to fight stair fatigue? Have an elevator on hand in your home. We are sure it will make hauling out the boxes of holiday decorations easier.

This week we looked at three suburban homes with a variety of elevators. Operators not included.

27 Gwen Lane, Devon, PA
Elevator situation
: The elevator is just part of the charm in this Colonial farmhouse. While access is clear between the first and second floors, the listing mentions that stairs can be moved to ensure elevator access to the attic level of the home. In addition to the cachet of an elevator, owners will also get to boast about living in a Richardson Brognard Okie house. The listing helpfully calls this "an Okie."

16 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Newtown Square, PA
Elevator situation:
What good is an in-home elevator if you don't have the charming experience of pulling back an accordion-style grate before stepping on board? This elevator, which navigates all three floors of the home, includes a proper grate and will get you from the mudroom to the upstairs.

5441 Carversville Road, Doylestown, PA
Elevator situation:
What's cooler than a private elevator? How about a private elevator inside a converted silo? The elevator is actually the least jaw-dropping element in this stunning home.

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