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Game should be played tonight

The Phils are one of nine non-dome teams not to have a rain-out this season (these are the types of things I waste my time looking up when I get a free minute in the press box), and they'll likely remain in that exclusive club tonight. Just got a press release from the PR department saying that the Phillies do expect to play tonight (translation: come and spend your money!).

Currently I am sitting in the press box watching a few gentlemen squee-gee off the tarp that is covering the infield. But I've got to scram over to the Wachovia Center to appear on Daily News Live.

In the mean time. . .

Here's the game story from last night.

And here's a little note I did attempting to explain Pat Gillick's viewpoint when it comes to handing out long term contracts to young players. In short, he's very hesitant to do it. I understand where he's coming from. I'm sure not everyone agrees, though.