According to the women of the artist collective Las Gallas, "galla" is the feminization of the word "gallo", which is Spanish for rooster. By definition the word explores and defies female stereotypes, in that "this rare breed of highly creative fierce women can lay eggs, crow at the sun and moon and excel in all fields of the arts," according to Las Gallas' website.

The members of the collective - Julia Lopez, Magda Martinez, Zoia Cisneros, and Michelle Ortiz – use theater, dance, poetry, literature, whatever they need, to get their messages across. On Friday evening, they will discuss their experience as a group and their latest work - Los que aparece y desaparece (What Appears and Disappears) at North Kensington’s Lorenzo Homar Gallery, named after the famed Puerto Rican graphic visual artist.

The exhibit, which ends Saturday, explores how one leaves one’s "print" and how that print narrates his/her life story.