An attorney for chef Georges Perrier has initiated legal action against the blog StaphMeal by filing a praecipe to issue writ of summons in Common Pleas Court.
Perrier's attorney Jonathan Cohen's filing indicates a complaint outlining allegations of libel, slander and defamation could be forthcoming.
The writ of summons lists John Doe as a defendant as Cohen does not know the identity of the blogger, or bloggers, behind the site. The legal action is intended in part to unmask the writers.
As FooBooz recently reported, the anonymous website called Perrier a racist and also calls chef Shola Olunloyo "a big, black dick." Olunloyo, who used to work for Perrier, also retained Cohen and is part of the filing against the site.
"It’s not our intention to infringe on the protected right of free speech, but it is our intention to hold people accountable for defamation," Cohen told us earlier.
"These kids don’t seem to understand there is a real difference between being a professional journalist working within the bounds of the law and being an uninformed, immature anonymous typist," says Cohen, who is refered to as "a douche," on Staph Meal since engaging in legal threats with the blogger.
"They have no case other than scare tactics," replied a StaphMeal writer this afternoon when we asked about the case. The writer claims to be the only person working on the site and identifies himself as a male between the ages of 26-32.