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Angelo Cataldi's missing Palm caricature recovered

Last month we told you that somebody had sliced a caricature of 610 WIP's Angelo Cataldi off one of the walls full of famous faces at the Palm (200 S. Broad). We now know the whereabouts of the missing cartoon.

On our desk.

On Wednesday afternoon a large envelope addressed to Your Humble Narrator arrived with no return address bearing six Purple Heart stamps and an East Falls postmark. Inside was Cataldi's face, with plaster from the Palm's wall on the back, under a sheet of clear plastic. Nothing else was inside.

"It is an extreme relief that my head has been recovered, but I don't know what you're going to do with it," Cataldi told us Friday afternoon. "It's the head of an unattractive man. It only works on a wall with attractive caricatures around it," he said. We told Cataldi we didn't want it and are happy to give it back, and said the same to Palm GM Jim Haney, who is planning to soon replace the caricature with a new drawing. "I can't imagine who would do such a thing," said Cataldi. "I've never made a single enemy," the sports-talk host said sarcastically.

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