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Biden gets a custom Flyers jersey to match his wife's

Vice President Joe Biden now has a Flyers jersey to match his wife's. Biden told a group of friends and family Monday night at the Water Works that Jill Biden, who grew up in Willow Grove, is a huge Flyers fan and hangs a Danny Briere jersey on their door in either Wilmington or D.C. for good luck during games.

Restaurant owner Michael Karloutsos presented Biden a custom Flyers jersey with his name and the No. 2 Monday night, after Biden and about 20 friends and supporters dined at the restaurant following a cocktail fundraiser for Biden's son, Beau Biden, Delaware's Attorney General. Beau Biden, who recently spent a week at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital after suffering a stroke, did not attend but his wife, Hallie, did.

After the $1,200-a-person fundraiser, Biden stuck around for Kobe beef short ribs, some octopus salad, sea bass and a chocolate waterwheel dessert, and visited chef Darryl Harmon in the kitchen afterward, telling the chef, "Man, you can really cook."

Mayor Nutter was at the restaurant for the reception, left for the Flyers game and returned later to join the dinner party, which was treated to a performance of "Old Man River" by the Keystone Boy Choir.

Karloutsos said he wanted to give Biden a Flyers jersey with No. 2 before somebody inevitably gives Chicago's Barack Obama a No. 1 Blackhawks jersey. Though Karloutsos lived and worked for a while in Chicago, the New York native is supporting the Flyers, and not only because Scott Hartnell is a restaurant regular, he says

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