, the 22-year-old former Drexel student under house arrest somewhere in Philadelphia, had a court hearing Monday in San Rafael, Calif. She and her ankle bracelet couldn't make it, but her Beverly Hills-based attorney

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The bustier half of Philly's so-called "Bonnie and Clyde," who allegedly ran an identity theft scheme that fleeced 16 victims of nearly $120,000 over a year's time, Kirsch stands accused by Marin County authorities of filing a false emergency report. Attorney Stephen R. Kahn appeared in her place and pleaded "not guilty," according to Barry Borden, with the Marin County District Attorney's Office. Authorities believe that Kirsch, using a fake name (go figure), called 9-1-1 on April 4, claiming "violent screams" could be heard coming from the California home of her mother and stepfather. The call resulted in the arrest of her stepfather on charges that were later dropped. "Regardless of all the other things going on, she is innocent of these charges," Kahn told Medina by phone. The Marin County hearing was continued until July 14.