Eagles tight end Brent Celek and his kickboxer wife Susie have been sued by the Villas at Packer Park Condominium Association for allegedly having a dog, named Bruiser, which the condo association states is in direct violation of their deed.
According to the complaint, which you can read here, filed yesterday in Common Pleas Court, the only dogs allowed at the building are service dogs assisting the handicapped as per the Americans with Disabilites Act. The complaint notes that as both Celeks are athletes, they have no medical need for the dog.
The condo association demands the Celeks immediately remove Bruiser from their condo as well as pay damages "presently believed to be in excess of $10,000" for damages caused to the common areas of the condo building. The complaint states that the condo board has repeatedly told the couple to get rid of the dog.
Celek was not immediately available for comment but we will update the story if we hear from him or any attorneys or represenatives on behalf of the couple.