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Chaka on Renee's dance card

Fattah to star in "Footloose" sequel? Not yet, but U.S. Rep.

did ask his NBC-10 anchor wife

to take dance lessons with him. The couple have been hoofing it at

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"We're enthusiastically committed," the congressman

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. The lessons were a gift from Renee for Chaka's 51st birthday, which he celebrated Nov. 21. He looks forward to showing off the couple's new moves at

Michael Nutter

's inaugural ball next month and also at next year's Academy Ball. Of course, the dance lessons are a far cry from nasty, persistent and untrue rumors during the mayoral primary that Chenault-Fattah had kicked her husband out of the house. Versions of the rumor had him living at swanky Center City hotels, but it was not the case.